So, I’m working right now. The Indie is playing in her water bowl. My wife and daughter are off chasing pigs. I yet again was accosted by the sharp edges of my fencing. I have gouges on my back, and my hands are very cut up from that and fighting with the pigs trying to get them back into their pen. My hands are covered in band-aids, cuts, scabs, and scars from this adventure. I am also getting callouses on my hands. I have lost my silky soft technology hands. I’m getting my “Man Hands” back and it feels good. Sounds weird to some of you, but for most men I know, they get it.

So I am still sitting on this meeting, chomping at the bit for it to end so I can go help my wife with the animals. I feel like crap that I am in the house while she is busting it to get the animals back in their pen. THE GUILT!!!

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